♦ February 14th, 2016 – New member ♦

For this last year, Miss Rita Karpati has been accompanying us on the bass. She’s been a tremendous asset to the band, but unfortunately for us she has decided to focus on her own project. So with her leaving, we’d like to put out a BIG thank you to her for all the support on making us sound good. With that said we would also like to announce that the new bass player is nobody less than mister Tom Huizing (bassplayer in de Nachtdienst)!! We welcome him to the band, as we’re getting ready to practice some new material. Oh and lot’s of fresh graphic material is on it’s way, check back for updates:)

♦ January 4th, 2016 – A great year! ♦

First of all, happy new year’s to all of you, 2016 has been a blast! Got to play on some new stages in L.A. as well as Paris, and met some great artists along the way. Gildor won the first prize in both de Stem van Notelle, and Tilt Backroads singer-songwriter festival. We would like to thank everybody who has believed in us en supported us. Without you guys it’d be a lot less interesting;)
Furthermore I would like to announce that we’re going to shoot the video for ‘When the Light Came in’ next week, the 13th. In the meantime we put together a little 2016 live/studio compilation for you guys to enjoy on the media page.

Thanks, cheers!

♦ December 12th, 2016 – First international gig! ♦

Just came back from Paris, where we did our first booked international gig! Together with singer-songwriter Sured we went to accompany the Jambus Experience by performing our songs in Le Trac, Paris. We had a great time so thanks to everbody making it Possible!

♦ December 4th, 2016 – Update ♦

It’s been a while! We’ve been quite busy. Writing a LOT, redefining our sound and making plans for 2017. The master for ‘When the Light came in’ just came through. We’ve decided to release this single with a video, so you’re gonna have to patient a little more.. It’s been a great year, starting this band and getting some momentum going. Hoping for a lot of music this year to come!!

♦ July 22nd, 2016 – New recordings ♦

So the recordings for the new single are done! We spent the entire day in the studio with 28 degrees outside, but we did a good job. Now we have to wait a few more weeks for the final mix of ‘When the light came in’. Will keep you guys updated

♦ June 24th, 2016 – Back from L.A. ♦

Just got back from my trip to Los Angeles, had a wonderful time playing at some great locations! Furthermore we have a set date for the recording of the single; 18th of july. Just finished the pre-productions of 2 songs so we’re good to go, now we just need to decide which one it’s gonna be… Well that’s it for now, be sure to tune in to tomorrow to Podium 107.1 via www.rplfm.nl/live, i’ll be playing 3 live songs there:) Cheers!

Yesterday Gildor won the finals of de Stem van Notelle!! Thank you to everybody showing their support. We will be recording a new single in the near future, so be sure to check back for updates!

♦ May 30th, 2016 – Won the Finals! ♦

Yesterday Gildor won the finals of de Stem van Notelle!! Thank you to everybody showing their support. We will be recording a new single in the near future, so be sure to check back for updates!

♦ April 19th, 2016 – What’s new ♦

Got so close to getting in the finals of the best singer songwriter of Utrecht, unfortunately we missed out by 4 votes.. But the support was out of this world, thanks everybody who was spreading the word!! Here is a new clip of our last gig at the Pothuys, enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46uGDInvbyY
We’re working hard on a fresh repetoire. Good things on the way!

♦ March 5th, 2016 – Update! ♦

It’s been a while since the last post, but things are going well. Gildor won the audience award last Sunday on The Best Singer-Songwriter of Utrecht! So now it’s a matter of gathering enough likes on FB to get to the finals, let’s hope for the best!! We have another competition coming up on Friday @ ACU-Clash of the Titans, as well as a round 3 of the Stem van Notelle in Beverwijk!
Spring has started, so expect some new material soon..

♦ February 3rd 2016 – EP ‘Offshore’ out now! ♦

Yesterday we officially launched ‘Offshore’, playing a gig in t Oude Pothuys. I would like to thank everybody who’s been supporting me and the band, by coming out to the shows and listening to the music. Also all the people that have been involved with the whole production of this EP, without you guys i wouldn’t have what i have now, and that makes me proud.
Anyway we had a great time, and i hope there’s many more shows and good times ahead! Check out the discography page for updates soon if you want to find the EP online, enjoy!

♦ January 15th 2016 – EP release/Thanks for your support! ♦

Thank you to everybody who came out to the Venue yesterday, we had a great night!! Also I am proud to say that the masters and the artwork have been sent to the printing company, and we have a date for the RELEASE PARTY! 2nd of february ‘Offshore’  will officialy be released in t Oude Pothuys, and we’ll be playing for about 45 minutes with:
Rita Karpati on bass, Floris van Elderen on Drums and Thailo van Ree on the violin.

Hope to see you there!!

PS. Check the ‘discography’ page for a little preview of the album cover. Original artwork by my old man, edited and made awesome by Kelly Breemer and Raymond Verbeek

♦ January 9th 2016 – Closing in ♦

Artwork is starting to look really nice, masters are almost done. Expect the EP to be out by the end of this month! More info about the release party soon

♦ December 20th 2015 – Last studio day finished ♦

Last day of mixing at Sure Vox Productions is done! All is left to do is the mastering and printing, updates coming soon

♦ December 11th 2015 – Upcoming release: Offshore ♦

Coming out soon! Expect mellow, yet unpredictable acoustic sounds with a little edginess, inspired by different parts of the world.

♦ December 10th 2015 – New website goes live ♦

Today the new website has been launched. Check back soon for more content!