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my name is Gildor. I’m a singer-songwriter, avid cook, percussion player, student of the guitar, and as it turns out not a huge fishing guy. Based in the lovely city of Utrecht, I’m active in several bands.

My acoustic work is a melting pot of laidback Americana, indie-folk and blues. This next year is promissing to be an exciting one, as I’ve teamed up with Beverly Martel Music (US/UK), and recorded my debut-album last autumn in London at RAK studio’s. The album features some great local musicians, as well as big established players. For example Robbie McIntosh (John Mayer, Paul Mccartney) laid down some slide-guitar tracks, and BJ Cole (Sting) played pedalsteel.
The band furthermore consists of Jens Wierckx on drums, Thijs van Zutphen on bass and Lucas Kloosterboer on trombone. The album was produced by Isabel Gracefield (Adele, Sam Smith..), and the yet-to-be-unveiled cover shot was made by Anton Corbijn! We can’t wait to share it with you, but in the meantime you can find older material via the links below.

Then there’s also Tapestries  Another band I write for, weaving together atmospheric psychedelic rock with Tuareg desertblues. Some new music coming from there soon too! Be sure to follow us on IG, FB and Spotify

This website is somewhat of a hub, please follow me on the socials and get all the fresh content:)

For all bookings please contact: walter@fortheroad.nl

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EP (2016)
1. Ocean Town
2. Sleeping in the Rain
3. My Friend
4. Desert Skies
5. All Your Colours
6. Just Felt Like Driving


For bookings, you can send an email to walter@fortheroad.nl. For other inquiries please use info[@]gildormusic.com